Curriculum Vitae

This could be really tedious. You’ve been warned.

But you’re safe, for the moment, because it’s nothing but promises—I haven’t actually put the contents in place yet. As always, check back in a while, and with luck things will have moved forward.

Photographs: Performing


Photographs: Et cetera

et cetera

Photographs: Family

CV: Compositions

CV: Etc

CV: Writings

CV: Career


You’ll recall, of course, that The Scarecrow winds up not with a real heart, but with a testimonial—which does, however, tick regularly. (Think valve replacement, those of you familiar with that procedure.)

Well, it’s much the same here: as a token of my heartlessness, from time to time I’ve received testimonials. I’ll list these here, eventually—it’s a pretty low priority, to be honest—but for now, I’ll just refer back to the Wizard in closing: “Remember, my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”

That’s pretty deep. (And ethically dubious, in my view . . .)


Eventually there will be some real information—maybe even some photographs and documents—on this page. For now, though, if you’re after Brooks or Ingle family history, all I can do is to point you to the very incomplete family tree that I’ve started on (a website that costs money to access, of course; truly sorry about that).

Come back for another visit in a little while, and maybe there will be some absolutely free, FREE, FREEEEEEE! information here . . .