about Studying

I do a lot of studying. Mostly it stays in my head—which is probably good news for all concerned. But sometimes it spills out, into articles, proposals, spreadsheets, or drafts and notes. Pages and pages and pages of drafts and notes, truth be told.
So you can think of this as spillage. Much of it can be left—it’s not slippery or dangerous, just . . . well . . . wet, raw, in need of baking. But some of it you might want to mop up. Maybe you can do something with it—or maybe you just want a sample, something to test, or taste, or toast. Be my guest—all that I have is yours!
Now, if only I knew where it was . . . that thing you were looking for . .

Popular Music of World War I

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Chaunting with Yeats
Charles Ives
John Cage