Music Theater

It’s pretty obvious what this bay in my metaphoric library will eventually contain. But there’s nothing substantive here yet. (Remember: . . . and that is poetry . . .) 

As a start, however, I’ve extracted from my CV a short list of compositions for music theater, broadly conceived to include works with movement, dance, lighting, etc.:

  • Untitled (1972; eight singers, two actors)
  • that it was built . . . (1967; ten percussionists, ten dancers)
  • ensemble (1974; untrained performers)
  • Wood/stone (1974; untrained performers)
  • InSignIam (1978; six dancers, six-channel fixed media)
  • The Legacy (1982–83; four singers, live electronics, actor, three actor-mimes)
  • Makers (1992; cello, flute, violin, percussion, clarinet)
  • Metamorphoses (2005; baritone, soprano, fixed media, projections)
  • Everlasting Voices (2012; clarinet, actor, fixed media)

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