Well, hello!

I’m so glad you dropped by—I was hoping to see you . . .

And I hope also that you find something here that is useful . . . or at least interesting.

Things here are organized sort of like a library. There are six metaphorical rooms, which you see in the blue bar above. This bar will appear on every webpage, and lingering on a room produces a dropdown menu that lists the contents—the bays in the room, as it were. Then, when you turn to one of these bays, another dropdown menu lists the shelves in the bay. So . . . by using the blue bar, you can always move to another room, another bay, or another shelf in the room you’re in. Here’s hoping that makes finding things a little bit simpler.

I’d love to hear from you . . . it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My email address is also in the blue bar: consider that as an invitation to write.

Stay as long as you like . . . wander at will . . . my house is your house . . . take care . . . be well . . .

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