Curriculum Vitae

This could be really tedious. You’ve been warned.

But you’re safe, at least until you move to more detailed pages. Here, there’s just a pdf of my “brief” (GAHHH!) vita—and you surely have sense enough to not download that.

Photographs: Performing


Photographs: Et cetera

et cetera

Photographs: Family

CV: Compositions

CV: Etc

CV: Writings

CV: Career


You’ll recall, of course, that The Scarecrow winds up not with a real heart, but with a testimonial—which does, however, tick regularly. (Think valve replacement, those of you familiar with that procedure.)

Well, it’s much the same here: as a token of my heartlessness, from time to time I’ve received testimonials. I’ll list these here, eventually—it’s a pretty low priority, to be honest—but for now, I’ll just refer back to the Wizard in closing: “Remember, my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”

That’s pretty deep. (And ethically dubious, in my view . . .)


Eventually there will be some real information—maybe even some photographs and documents—on this page. For now, though, if you’re after Brooks or Ingle family history, all I can do is to point you to the very incomplete family tree that I’ve started on (a website that costs money to access, of course; truly sorry about that).

Come back for another visit in a little while, and maybe there will be some absolutely free, FREE, FREEEEEEE! information here . . .